Ben Koppl’s “Film Trucks Euro Part”

Dunno how I missed this, but two months ago Ben Koppl dropped this mad part for Film Trucks. Film are honestly one my favourite truck companies at the minute, and their whole vibe is right up my alley – especially with a team that boasts plenty of quirky, inventive skaters like Koppl. The “Roller Surfer” has been one of my favourite skaters since I saw him cruising around on Insta pulling out some truly mind-bending tricks, and this part is just full of weird, out of the box skating.

Typically Koppl is known as a transition skater (hence the “Roller Surfer” moniker), but this whole part features an awful lot of street, and specifically ledge, skating. Proving that he has a deep bag of wild tricks for your standard bench as well as your average quarter, Koppl is joined by other Film team mates as he shreds France and the UK – there’s even an appearance by friend of the blog Nassir Roumou at Stockwell.

Over the last few years I’ve tried to view skateboarding through a different lense: I don’t try and do the building block tricks anymore (Really I’m too impatient to relearn tricks I could do 10 years ago again for the 5th time), and watching skaters like Ben Koppl are partly the reason for that. There are so many interesting, crazy, weird things you can do on a skateboard that the potential of what can be done is near limitless. I never come away from a clip of Koppl without having a new trick to try in my “new learn” checklist. If you’re after inspiration, and a quickfire tour of Europe filmed with style and mind-bending angles and editing, definitely check this part out.

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