Jack Taylor’s Quickfire 10

Wallie / Photo by Tom Waters

Coventry hammer dropper Jack Taylor has got a trick for any spot you put in front of him. Does he have an answer for each of these 10 quickfire questions? Let’s find out.

  1. Ledges or Rails? Ledges
  2. Kickflips or Heelflips? Kickflips
  3. Backside or Frontside? Frontside
  4. Best No Comply variation? None. I suck! 
  5. What size board do you skate? 8.6-9
  6. Best DIY material: Concrete or Wood? Crete.
  7. Scooters or Rollerblades? Fruitbooters… but to be honest fuck ’em. 
  8. Hardflips or Inward Heelflips? Neither. I suck at both but wish I could Hardflip.  
  9. What’s the best spot in Cov? Herbert, easy. 
  10. How many hours have you spent playing SkaterXL? A week? Haha!

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