The Triple 30.04.21

Blunts and more mega street action. It can only be The Triple for 30th April 2021.

3. Colin Provost’s Bluntslide to 5050

This one’s wild. Bluntslides on transition always look super sick, but when you throw in a Jersey Barrier and a gap to 5050 at the end, then you’re onto a winner. With the rise of DIY spots (after many skateparks were closed during lockdown), I feel like we’re only going to see more and more sick spots like this, and also see them getting absolutely shredded by pro skaters like Colin Provost.

The speed needed to slide this trick is powerful – Provost tanks it down the path to the jersey barrier, and locks into long backslide bluntslide along the lip, going right past the point where you would realistically expect him to pop back in. He pops over a short gap onto a second Jersey barrier, where he grinds a cheeky quick 5050 and drops into another bit of concrete at the bottom of the barrier. It’s fast and raw, and it’s rad as hell.

2. Aaron Yant’s BS Blunt To Noseblunt To BS Blunt

If Aaron Yant is going to throw out tricks like this, someone get him some dancing shoes. Again, more Blunt related DIY madness, on a drainage ditch bank to curb spot – seeing people reap the rewards of the DIY spot boom is awesome, and when you get mind-blowing oddball moves like this, who can complain?

Popping up off the bank into a backside blunt, Yant scoops it round to a Noseblunt, and then keeps the spin going with another pop back into Backside Blunt, and then back into the bank. Blunt to Noseblunt is a spicy and rarely seen trick as it is, so to see it with an added Blunt on the end is a real treat.

1. Milton Martinez and Simon Bannerot mega gap into bank

This is a first: a joint first on The Triple! Both of these tricks were in the same clip, and to be honest I had a hard time choosing either one. I’ve said for a while now that 2021 is the dawn of “Mega Street” – people hitting street spots that were previously only skated in pristinely crafted mega parks owned by the likes of Danny Way and Bob Burnquist. Well, the likes of Milton Martinez and Simon Bannerot are seeking out street spots that are just as big, scary and gnarly as anything a Mega Ramp skater would ride.

Martinez hucks a huge Frontside 180 off a support for a bridge, clearing a massive drop twice his height, and about the length of a car, and lands in a gigantic bank, rolling down in switch, off the curb and into the road. It’s hair raising stuff. Not to be outdone, Bannerot follows with a cheeky 360 Backside Early Grab off the same thing. He lands in his normal stance, but that doesn’t make the trick any less gnarly. Getting the pop and clearance over this thing with an early grab is seriously wild stuff, and with the experimental era of “Mega Street”, anything goes.

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