The Triple 09.04.21

In this week’s Triple, we got people skating dirty ditches, hallowed ground and off trees. Don’t tell me that I don’t keep things interesting. This is The Triple for April 9th 2021.

3. Zane Timpson’s FS Axle Stall

Turns out anything can be skated if you really try hard enough. This weird ditch/firepit thing is haggard as hell and just looks insanely gnarly. Whatever gave Zane Timpson the idea to clear it out with a piece of firewood and skate it?

Look, this thing clearly doesn’t work as a normal quarter pipe. Timpson has to ollie up to even get into Frontside Axle ( a good 3 foot boost from the transition to reach the lip), and then on the way in he catches some of the dirt on the side and almost stacks it. Downright dirty, I tell ya!

2. Casper Brooker’s Pressure Flip

This cheeky little Southbank line all seems to be fairly standard until Casper Brooker throws in a little surprise. Some textbook ledge trickery with a Krooked 180, and as he sets up for the half cab flip (which I initially assumed was the trick he was going to throw down the stairs), the surprise is that the half cab flip is on flat, landed just feet away from the top of the steps. This is in turn followed by a pressure flip out of nowhere down the stairs. Definitely the biggest surprise I encountered on Instagram this week.

1. Ishod Wair Backside Bonelesses a Palm Tree

Ishod Wair is fucking amazing on transition. If you ever saw him on King Of The Road you’ll know he was able to knock off so many transition challenges and skate the most gnarly, messed up bowls with ease. Everyone talks about him being this rad street skater, but in all honesty the dude is just a straight up ATV and could outskate most pure transition skaters in a bowl.

Exhibit A: This last week he uploaded a clip of himself backside bonelessing a bloody palm tree. Boosting out of a bowl hip, extending the boneless, planting his foot firmly half way up the tree, and landing perfectly in the deep end like it was nothing. Incredible.

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