Liam Siddall’s Quickfire 10

Fakie Hardflip / Photo by Greg Somerset

I first heard from Liam Siddall last year, with a mysterious message featuring an absolutely banging clip, accompanied with the phrase “Let’s talk soon”. Needless to say I was intrigued, so I loaded up these 10 quickfire questions into my question-asking cannon and fired it in Mr Siddall’s direction.

  1. Skateparks or Street? Street for sure, there’s just something about going from one spot to another with your mates that just doesn’t compare to being at a park all day.
  2. Kickflip or Heelflip? Kickflips if it’s regular, Heelflips if it’s switch.
  3. Favourite spot in Sheffield? It was probably Dreamlands at Sheffield university before it got knocked down, I remember seeing Ash Hall and Dan Beall skating there when I first started skating and it was amazing. Nowadays it’s probably the block spot the council built for us down near castle market, because there’s a beer shop on the spot, haha.
  4. What size board do you skate? 8.25 – 8.5
  5. Stairs or gaps? Neither, my ankles can’t take it anymore! They’re pretty much the same thing anyway.
  6. Biggest Stair Set you’ve Hardflipped? Probably not the biggest, but the Hardflip I did down Palais De Tokyo double set in Paris. That holiday was honestly one of the best times of my life with the Panasonic Youth crew. Me, Ste Evans and John Onyahara were all singing that song from Eric Koston’s “Yeah Right” part after that day. “I WANNA LIVE IN LOS ANGELES!”
  7. Favourite Board Company? Skateboard Cafe and World Peace
  8. Ledges or rails? Ledges, I’m not a rail guy.
  9. Favourite Pro Skater? Koston for sure, always made me laugh in all his video parts, the intro to fully flared is too jokes – “Gimme you’re fucking wallet now! NOW!”
  10. Who has the best hardflip in skateboarding? Timmy would probably hate me if I didn’t say Herman, so yeah, Brian Herman. Ishod also has ridiculous hardflips though.

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