The Triple 02.04.21

British Summer Time is upon us – but even though the nights are brighter and we can now meet in groups of 6, you’re still gonna be glued to your phone like any other time, so why not check out these 3 rad Instagram clips?

3. Hannah Tallman’s Pop Shuv-It

The catch on this thing was bloody tremendous. You don’t often see a pop shuv with a graceful catch like this (that honour is usually reserved for Tre Flips), but this trick from Hannah Tallman is what I reckon to be a proper benchmark for a good pop shuv. OK, it’s in a skatepark, which is sure to upset some of you street purists, but skateparks exist for people to perfect tricks just like this – perfect conditions for textbook moves.

The reason why this execution is so good is that it is a true “pop” shuv-it: boosted over a 2 foot high concrete ball. The catch is simply the icing on the cake for a trick popped so high.

2. Helena Long’s Bigflip

Helena Long has had a hell of a year – culminating in securing pro status on Poetic Collective. She’s a pure street powerhouse, and this clip proves it, with a quick footed, snappy BigFlip on a real street hip. The pop, diamond-pressured condensed spin and flip, and the stomped catch make for an incredibly re-watchable clip.

Helena Long has had a hell of a year, culminating in her reaching Pro Status on Poetic Collective! She’s always been a street powerhouse, so it’s always a pleasure to see her shredding street spots with her quick footed tech skills.

The flip, spin and catch and all super tight – there’s something extremely satisfying about how compacted and well controlled this trick is.

1. Sebastiaan Vijverberg’s Hippy Jump Pole Jam

You know there are tricks I never thought I would live to see combined. Tricks that also seem like they shouldn’t be possible. You ever see a BMXer doing a no handed superman backflip? No, because it’s next to impossible. The very nature of a pole jam (which requires you to ride up a pole, applying pressure to the board and ensuring it flies off the end of the pole) is counter to the nature of a hippy jump (where you leaving the board is kind of the whole point of the trick).

Against all laws of physics and nature, Sebastiaan Vijverberg has figured out exactly how to combine these two opposing forces, and on an obstacle that also seemed set up to prevent the two being merged. It’s a true oddity of a trick, and it’ll have you watching for ages trying to dissect how it’s done.

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