Pop Quiz Hotshot: Formy

It’s Quiz Time again, folks! Pop Quiz Hotshot is back with another contestant looking to see how many questions they can answer correctly out of 5. I’m your host, Ade The Terrible, and this time we have Formy from Coventry in the Pop Quiz Chair. Let’s quiz it up!

You boy, would you like to do a skateboard quiz? 

Why, I would be honoured.

Question 1

Who was 2018’s Thrasher Skater Of The Year?

Can’t remember. Just gonna say AVE?

Incorrect: The Answer is Tyshawn Jones

Ahhh I couldn’t figure it out, haha. Just kept thinking Chris Joslin, but knew that was around 2016.

Question 2

Which long running UK board company is ran by Nick Zorlac?


Yes! That's CORRECT!

Thank god I didn’t get skunked, haha!

Question 3

What is the name of the board company owned and ran by Jason Dill?

Fucking Awesome! (I nearly said Supreme)


I can get the last wrong now and be happy with myself

There are 5 questions?!

OK, so 3 is like 60%, which was a C when I was at school, so that’s alright if I get one more!

Question 4

What trick did Mark Gonzales do on a handrail in the rain at Stoke Plaza on the 2008 UK Fourstar tour?

Is this the one when it was wet and on a massive board ? If so I think back boardslide. 

Holy shit, check you out. That's correct! 

Yes sir I’m all good now. Bring on the final boss music!

Question 5

Which Pro Skater accidentally leaked the existence of THPS1+2 on the Nine Club?

Did tony hawk leak his own game? I got no clue. 

The answer is Lizzie Armanto. 

Fun fact: Tony Hawk intentionally leaked the existence of the game 5 minutes prior to the games announcement trailer, as a marketing move.

I’ll take it! Can I get half a point for Tony?

Errr, no. I said who “accidentally” leaked the game, young man.

Haha, don’t ask you don’t get.

Thanks for playing POP QUIZ HOTSHOT. Formy’s final score was:

3 out of 5

After 2 rounds of Pop Quiz Hotshot, we can now start an official Leaderboard… And Formy is at the top!

2Alfie Morrey2

Thanks for playing! Tune in next time for more skateboarding trivia. 

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