Skaters Who Shaped Us – Ellian Lisica

Switch Flip / Photo by Owen Strachan

Adrian Barwell Trouve, aka Marco Ginelli, aka Ellian Lisica, is not just a man of many names, but also a fascinatingly good skateboarder. When I first started skating, I remember the local scene down the Memorial Park in Coventry was home to an insanely talented group of skaters: Ralph Cooper, Matt & Tez Aldersley, and of course, Adrian were always there and always doing stuff that blew my mind. Truth be told I was somewhat intimidated by just how good all of these people were, but in time I would become good friends with all of them.

Adrian was always a bit of an international nomad, calling any number of exotic European cities home. At one point I heard he was living out in Barcelona for a spell, a fact backed up by some fantastic footage of him that cropped up on social media. Then, a couple of years back, he resurfaced in Coventry, bringing his trademark technical flair and natural skill back to the local spots. He’s since been doing some rad work running the Coventry Skateboarding Instagram account, winning the Lockdown Game Of SKATE we ran here on the blog, and doing some secret work repairing skate spots (not all heroes wear capes). I’ve been wanting to collab with him since I started this blog way back in 2003, so, better late than never, here he is to tell us about the skaters who shaped him. – Ade

First shout out has to go to my brother. He hooked me up with my first board (his hand me down), and never have I seen a cooler skateboard. It had a spray paint graphic and the coolest stickers I’ve ever seen. I remember rolling around in the street with him, and he told me about a guy he saw once that could ollie sideways (like you would into a Front 5050) and my mind was blown with the incredibility of this statement. Remember kids: this was pre-Youtube.

Ryan W

I asked him recently if he had any old footage could use for @Coventry_skateboarding but he said all his old footy was lost, so you will have to just take my word for it. This guy was good. Like he did the CEX rail in Coventry, and pressure flipped 2nd try down the Macba 4. Speaking of that Barcelona trip: the estate agent withheld the deposit money from the apartment, so before leaving he took a shit on a plate and put it in the microwave oven on full timer… like 4 hours.


Stephan Z

The godfather of the skate map, this man took me round more spots than I could ever remember, one of those hunters of rare exclusives that is driven by uniqueness. His way of skating, that was inspired by the spot first, was definitely a new way of looking at it for me. Hopefully he will help you discover some spots too.

In the words of Billy Burgles, (some guy you won’t have heard of) “Even if you don’t got tricks today, at least you got skating with your friends.”. So, just a shout out to him, and all the people I ever skated with, that’s what it’s all about. Having said that, its always easier to remember the good times if you got footage, so shameful contradictory personal plug below, of the Apex period of my skating filming for this.

So anyway, in the interest of some sort of “relevance”, maybe I’ll stick to Pros some oldies could relate to, and I might just make it about tricks I can think of right now that blew my mind when was young(er). Get ready for some old vids.

Kanteen Russell’s BS 360 from Osiris’ The Storm: the first skate vid I ever saw, and this man’s part was only hammers.

Danny Gonzalez: that wallride over vert, like what?!

Ryan Kenrich: that Nollie BS heel as his ender always stuck with me because of the bolts perfectioness.

Anyway, being a street skateboarder I was always like “Ramp? Nah, fuck that”. Then I saw Cheese and Crackers, with Daewon and Haslam. And my life changed forever…

Not really. Streets 4 life.

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