The Triple 26.03.21

Hey, from Monday we can legally meet up in groups of 6 again. That’s DOUBLE 3! Here’s The Triple for 26th March 2021.

3. Bear Myles’ Bigspin Front Board

Bear Myles is a pure shredder, and has been putting Bristol on the map since he was a tiny kid. If you follow him on Insta you’ll see any number of clips featuring pure, aggressive, fast shredding constantly beamed to your phone. This clip is indicative of his ability to thrown out bangers with ease – he makes this shit look easy.

It’s a Bigspin Front Board on a fairly low hubba, but the length of this ledge is just comical, as Myles just holds on to the Front Board for what seems like forever. This is a Jamie Foy level “make a cup of tea whilst you wait” trick.

2. Shanae Collins’ Beanplant Tailslide

I discovered Shanae Collins a few months ago and I seriously get so stoked everytime I see her skate. I honestly don’t know many other skaters who skate faster and more aggressively than her – Shanae is bowl goals. If you have no idea who she is, watch this clip and get hooked on how absolutely gnarly she is.

Collins tanks it at a quarter, and pushes a lightning fast beanplant tailslide over a ledge loveseat gap. The speed and force on this thing is so aggressive that I’m surprised there’s any coping or concrete left. Someone call Anti-Hero and tell them we found the missing ingredient for their team.

1. Jack O’Grady’s 5050-gap-5050

This isn’t a skate spot. I refuse to believe that anyone could skate this. I’ve even watched the above clip several times and I still don’t believe this spot can be skated. Jack O’Grady out here literally doing tricks on rails that cannot be skated. It’s so unbelievable Thrasher had to put it on their cover.

How do you get to the end of a 5050 on a handrail, and decide you wanna ollie off and do another handrail? What kind of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater nonsense is this? Is this real life or are we in video games? I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, we’re entering the era of “mega street” – street skaters hitting a level of sheer lunacy, skating the biggest “unskateable” spots, and pushing the boundary of skateboarding into the stratosphere. It’s not the kind of stuff I can ever do, but my god, do I enjoy seeing this kind of gnarly insanity.

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