The Triple 12.03.21

March is the 3rd month. It’s the 12th of March, and 12 is 3 x 4. It’s 2021, and 21 is 3 x 7. Today’s date is all about the 3’s, which makes it the perfect time for The Triple.

3. Dannie Carlsen’s Alley Oop Full Cab Bluntslide

Did somebody order a Hurricane? No, not the trick, but an actual Hurricane. With all of these spins that Dannie Carlsen does in this little one two punch line, you’d be mistaken in thinking a twister was on the way.

In a sweet little bit of concrete park cruising, Carlsen hits up a textbook mayday grind, and then winds up a full cab Bluntslide travelling the wrong way. He rolls up to the ramp like he’s gonna turn Frontside, but spins the full cab Bluntslide Backside, creating a little bit of an extra spicy spin.

2. Maite Steenhoudt’s BS 5-0 BS Boneless out

Someone add Maite Steenhoudt to the growing list of people who have made The Triple twice! This trick is from her recent pro announcement part popped up on my Insta feed and got me super stoked. I love seeing a rad boneless variation, and after watching so much Ben Koppl recently I loved them out of Grinds on ramps even more.

This is a street trick, done on a long bank – Maite locks into a 5-0 and then pops the board up to her hand, stepping the front foot through for a Backside Boneless. It’s super quick and has a ton of style to it.

1. Pedro Barros’ Front Smith to drop

This one was utterly gnarly. Pedro Barros is part of that new breed of transition skater who invaded from the Vert Ramp and basically is fearless on anything quarter pipe related. If you want proof of his fearlessness then check this clip.

A Frontside Smith on the absolutely monster quarter in this clip would usually rank highly on The Triple, but the drop out of this is just unreal. There’s about 7 foot from the lip to the hip that Barros lands in, and the hip itself is easily 7 foot alone. That means he basically Smith Grinds off the edge of your bog standard vert ramp quarter and drops at full force into a concrete hip. It’s the kind of trick that can be horrific if it goes wrong, and it’s gnarly as hell.

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