Pop Quiz Hotshot: Alfie Morrey

Welcome, skateboarders one and all, to a new feature here on The Terrible Company. Pop Quiz Hotshot pits one skateboarder’s knowledge and trivia of our beloved pastime against 5 increasingly difficult questions! First up we have Warwickshire Park Shark Alfie Morrey. There’s no googling allowed, so close that damn browser. I’m your host, Ade The Terrible, and I have one thing to say: Pop Quiz, Hotshot. 

Question 1

Name the late Thrasher editor-in-chief who passed away in 2019.

Oh! The lord and saviour, Jake Mother Fucking Phelps!

That answer was CORRECT

Question 2

The Bus Station Plaza in Milton Keynes is affectionately known by locals as… 

Oh fuck, I know this! Erm, the Buszy?

That answer was also CORRECT

Question 3

What was the name of Birmingham’s Creation Skatepark when it originally opened?

Oh god… Wasn’t it just called Creation? I didn’t know it had another name. I’m going guess it’s fairly new, I think it opened in 2004? I don’t know that one haha. 

Incorrect - The answer is Epic

Question 4

What US Distribution Company produces Toy Machine and Foundation skateboards?

NHS? That’s the only one I know! Don’t think that’s even close. 

Incorrect - The answer is Tum Yeto

Question 5

Cirencester skatepark and Oxford Wheels Project have a shared unusual rule, not commonly seen in UK skateparks. What is that rule?

Ooo… Erm, OK. I’m going have to guess again here. I’m going say no mongo pushing? Haha. 

Great guess, but Incorrect. The answer is "No Scooters". 

After a full round of questions, Alfie Morrey has racked up a grand score of… 

2 out of 5

Thanks for playing! Tune in next time for more skateboarding trivia. 

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