The Triple 05.03.21

Hey, we’re into the 3rd month of the year already. Time flies when you’re stuck in your house watching Insta clips. Here’s The Triple for March 5th 2021.

3. Stafhon Boca’s Chain Ollie

You ever watch a clip over and over, and even though you know how it goes every time, it still freaks you out? That’s exactly how I feel about this clip of Stafhon Boca clearing an ollie over a chain and stairset. Chains are dangerous playmates, and the sort of loose nature of them as an obstacle can lead to some bad slams. They are to be treated with caution and given a wide birth, like the rabid dog of the skate spot world.

Perhaps it’s this attitude that made me extra shaken by this ollie, that catches the chain as Boca lifts it. The back wheels gently brush the chain, almost like a wallie, and Boca lands at the bottom of the stairset with no problem. You gotta have nerves of steel to even attempt this, so I appreciated this gutsy move.

2. Arin’s Hardflip Back Suski Grind

Arin is one of those skaters who basically went viral on Instagram, so truth be told if you aren’t aware of her already do yourself a favour and give her a follow. Basically, she’s got some mega tech ledge tricks and the skateboard world loves a good ledge dancer. A perfect example of her skills is seen in this clip – honestly Arin has almost made it onto The Triple many times before, but this Hardflip Back Suski grind was the trick that I had to keep in for this time.

I liked this clip because, honestly, I just love seeing Hardflips into ledge tricks. I feel like it doesn’t happen enough – I’ve seen a lot of Hardflip back tails, but not many other variants. Tweaked Back Suskis are also a rare delight: for those who like their 5-0 Grinds with a little bit of flair. Combine the two, you got a recipe for something super tasty.

1. Tone Latham’s Wall Bash To Fakie

Who doesn’t love a good wall bash? I’ve spent years watching the likes of Daryl Nobbs, Lucas Healey and Stan Byrne bash walls with their wheels – it’s a timeless trick. The minute I saw Tone Latham‘s one on Insta this week, I knew we had a winner for The Triple.

It’s a DIY park banger, done on a big, round pillar under a freeway – Latham charges his way across the park, flies up the wall, and hits it up like Spiderman. Bonus points here, and the definitite clincher for the number 1 spot this week, with the yank out to fakie. Turning this kinda trick Frontside means finding the momentum to come back in to fakie is super hard – Tone executes it beautifully here.

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