The Triple 26.02.21

Well look what the cat dragged in – 3 delightful skateboarding clips. Much better than a dead bird.

3. Lewis Guest’s Fakie 360 Flip

Is it biased of me to include a clip from a Coventry skater in my list of favourite Insta clips? It’s my own personal Top 3 clips of the week, so I don’t see a problem with one of these clips being from someone I know.

Lewis Guest has absolutely mad pop. He boosts ollies higher than I can fathom and flips in ways that make my head spin. If you want a perfect example check out this Fakie 360 flip in this run he uploaded earlier this week. It’s the second trick in a two trick line, it’s the maddest Fakie Tre I have ever seen.

The trick is popped over a manhole cover type thing, and Lewis boosts the thing over the 2 ft wide gap, and as he pops and flips the Tre his legs kick out as far as humanly possible, like he’s in a martial arts movie or something. It’s honestly the most impressive Fakie 360 flip I’ll likely ever witness.

2. Jeremy Leabres’ BS 5050 to Boardslide 270 out

Jeremy Leabres has been playing too much Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. I half expected him to land this trick to Manual and keep it going around the level for a high score. It’s what I expect from a trick that involves 2 ledge tricks, on 2 different obstacles.

Leabres pops into a long Back 5050 on a handrail. He balances it all the way to the end, and at the point where any normal person would pop off, he pops to the side and lands in Boardslide on a white ledge next to the rail. As the white ledge curved round to the right, at this point I was thinking “OK he’s just gonna pop out, right?”. He pops the bloody thing 270 degrees out of the Boardslide, turning the wrong way. As I said, video game combo.

1. Callum McRobbie’s Handplant McTwist

Is this a McTwist? In my mind this is what I think of when I hear the word “McTwist”. Anyway, Callum McRobbie turned up to a bog standard British concrete park and decided to start doing vert air tricks combined with handplants. It’s utterly mental and I love it.

Throwing out a McTwist at a British concrete park with no pads or helmet would be crazy at the best of times, but I love the cheeky handplant into it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this done before and it’s an extension of the awesome level of progression we’re seeing out of transition skating right now. Not exactly one I’ll be trying myself, but a trick I absolutely loved seeing this week.

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