The Triple 05.02.21

How the hell is it February already? I blinked and January disappeared in a flash. Maybe it was because I’ve spent all of my time watching clips on Instagram for The Triple? Speaking of which, here are 3 more clips for your eyeballs. This is The Triple for 5th February 2021.

3. Josh Bentley’s Drop In Hippy Jump

Well this is a cheeky little move, isn’t it? Josh Bentley is a rad shredder from up North with some awesome flowy maneuvere’s that remind me of my fave Stan Byrne. Based on that any number of Josh’s clips could have made The Triple since this feature started, but this Drop In Hippy Jump was just something else. Honestly, this spot is the kind of thing that I would look at at dream of the possibilities if that damn rail wasn’t in the way. Mad respect to Bentley for even trying anything on it.

The bank is lower than the rail, and quite steep, so you ain’t got much time at all to make this trick work. I was trying to figure this thing out, and ultimately there’s two opposing movements at play here. You need the board to drop with the speed to get under the rail quick enough to meet you on the other side, so you need to push down with the same force as a regular drop in. Alternatively you need to spring yourself upward to get the lift to hippy jump the rail. It’s got a lot of potential to go wrong, and it takes some jedi-level timing to get it right.

2. Elia Nilsen’s Wallride Sex Change

Daryl Nobbs shared this one and when I saw it I watched it on repeat about 10 times. It’s reminiscent of much of Daewon Song’s modern footage and it’s also smooth as hell. I would have trouble boosting a wallride this high up a bank to wall, so seeing Elia Nilsen throw himself up there before switching stance is incredible. I had a hard time figuring out whether this truly was a Sex Change or whether it was a shuv-it due to the motion of travel, and because Nilsen appears to land in the same stance he went up the wall – almost like he did a Frontside Wallride with a shuv in the middle. Either way it’s really impressive and a mind boggler.

1. Anthony Anaya’s Switch Wallie BS Smith

Whilst we’re on the subject of wallrides… This trick by Anthony Anaya is on fire. Wallride, check. Wallride into grind, check. Switch Wallride into grind, check. And the grind is a Back Smith, one of my favourite grinds to see on a ledge – ding, ding, ding, we have a winner. I’ve watched this thing the most out of the 3 clips this week, because it’s a work of art. You notice something different about it every time you watch the clip. It’s also filmed beautifully by Jean-Luc Vida, which obviously got it some extra points in my book.

Where to even start walking through this thing. I honestly wouldn’t know where to begin if I was giving this a go. My wallrides always lean into the wall like I’m skating it as a quarter pipe, so not sure if my wallride technique stands up to the quick-footedness and light technicality this trick even requires. Anaya fully commits to the wallride, even still having his wheels on the wall as he locks the trucks into the Switch Back Smith. It’s Spiderman levels of wall crawling. The difficulty of the trick might allow some wiggle room on sketchy execution, but even the Back Smith itself is perfectly balanced and as textbook as most people’s regular, ollied into, Back Smith grinds. How he managed to wrangle this out of a Wallride, in Switch, is pure wizardry.

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