Nick Kirwan’s Quickfire 10

Nick Kirwan, the man who coined the term “Craplads” for the rad little crew of dudes I skate with, is a true gentleman. Let’s put the compliments and fun, jovial bowl hacking aside though – I have ten dumb questions here and they are aimed right at Nick’s handsome face. Fire! 

  1. Crust or Pool Coping? Crust. 
  2. Frontside or Backside Slashes? Backside… For now (because I haven’t got Frontside down yet). 
  3. Surfing or Skateboarding? Both are awesome forms of expression. But surfing is more in tune with nature. So surfing.
  4. Best pub name? The Fat Cat. 
  5. Ditches or DIY? DIY. 
  6. Bowls or Mini Ramps? Bowls. Forever. 
  7. Best bowl you have skated? Swampy’s. Notable mentions include Filton, Grandma’s & the Flora, that little kidney at Lichfield we skated on Ade’s birthday, and Holbrooks, cause it’s ‘home’.
  8. Joxa or Swampy? Both. Endless Simpsons quotes.
  9. Me or Chris Mander? Also both. Seemed like forever that I knew both of you without really knowing you. Now you’re my mates. 
  10. Are the “Craplads” actually the “Bestlads”? Haha! The Craplads are the best lads. For sure.

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