The Triple 15.01.21

I have utterly no idea how to keep the “Triple” jokes coming. Literally the only thing I can think of for this is that I’ve ran the feature for 3 months, it’s the 15th of January (15 is 3x5), and the year is 2021 (21 is 3x7). For all of these 3 references, it doesn’t really matter, because there’s only one 3 that matters, and that’s The Triple. Here’s the Triple for 15th January 2021:

3. Brian Anderson’s Smith Grind

Brian Anderson is a living legend in skateboarding. The true definition of an ATV: the dude can skate practically anything, and always does it with such force, style and finesse that it instantly gets you stoked. Not only this, he is a skateboarder that gracefully bridges the gap between various styles and schools of skateboarding, having skated for the likes of Girl and Anti Hero (both Beauty and The Beast, respectively). And speaking of companies BA has skated for, this week he was announced as joining the Ace Trucks team!

Anderson’s addition to the Ace Trucks stable was accompanied by an advert featuring a photo and clip of this trick – a Smith Grind in a grotty pool. I love a good smith grind, and this one is textbook: locked in pushed along the coping with some real graft, on a huge, crusty pool transition with concrete coping. Anderson throws some sick shapes for the grind too, balancing it perfectly and proving why he’s one of the greats.

2. Haley Isaak’s Switch BS 180 Body Varial

So, for those of you paying attention – This exact trick by this exact same skater has been mentioned in The Triple before. In one of the first Triple’s I did here on the blog, Haley Isaak did this trick up a step up and it locked in at Number 1 for that particular week. With that in mind, why would I pick the same trick again 3 months later? Just hear me out. This time, Haley has done this trick on transition, and even better than the first time I saw it.

I still don’t understand this trick. I can’t wrap my head around it. It blew my mind the first time I saw it, and I’m still blown away by it. It was sick when it was done up a step up, but somehow seeing it on transition makes it even better (maybe that’s just my preference though, I think every trick is better on transition!). The pop, spin and catch is better, the ride away is smoother – it’s just super clear that Isaak has been banging this trick out and perfecting it. As a connoisseur of the No Comply as well, I appreciated this extremely technical move which proves that No Complies aren’t as easy as people make them out to be.

1. Lucas Healey’s Bank To Bank BS Flip

Well, will you look at that: This is the first time that someone who has had a part in a Terrible Company video has topped The Triple. I don’t know whether this undermines the whole point of The Triple or not, but the feature is literally my own personal favourite tricks of the week, so fuck it. I’m always stoked on Lucas Healey‘s skating so it was no surprise to me that eventually he would find his way into one of these lists.

This clip came from Get Lesta, during a week where Callun has been clearing out some offcuts from his latest video. He called some of these clips trash, but if this is the throwaway stuff I can’t wait for the full video. The clip of Lucas is a BS Flip over a very, very tight bank to bank gap that clears some stairs. The spot is crusty AF, the bottom of the bank has a metal sheet on it to help your board get up, and there is very little room to do much of anything once you are up there. So, how Lucas managed to boost a BS Flip over the gap (even if his landing is sketchy in this clip) is a complete mystery to me.

It’s not like the trick was particularly easy to do, however. There are a few slams and trips from Goose catching his truck, as if you needed yet more proof that this trick is one you need to graft for. Even when he catches it, he has some difficulty rolling away – the spot fights against him at every opportunity. This thing is a real battle and exactly why Lucas is one of my favourite skaters to come out of Coventry – he’s no stranger to a difficult spot and will always pull something surprising out, and even though I’ve known this dude for almost 10 years, he still manages to surprise me with the shit he throws down. Major props Goose!

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