Jord Lightowler’s Quickfire 10

Photo by James Collins

Jord Lightowler is one of Bristol’s finest shredders – he stomps tricks down on coping like he’s teaching it a lesson, and locks into grinds in a way that looks like he could grind forever. Will he be able to volley my dumbass questions for a Quickfire 10? Let’s see.

  1. Daveside or The Deaner? Deaner. I say that, but we all love Daveside, and the Daveside boys. Big ups to Dave, Slasher Sam & all the mons DIY’ing it up.
  2. Surfing or Snowboarding? Both, they are too much fun. 
  3. Disasters: Backside or Frontside? Love’ ’em both. 
  4. Concrete or Wood? Crete. 
  5. Bowls or Mini Ramps? Depends which bowl or Mini Ramp.
  6. Rodney or Daewon? They’re both madmen. 
  7. Longboards or Hoverboards? Skateboards… *shush*
  8. Kickflips or Heelflips? All of them. 
  9. Blind or World Industries? Blind – My first video was “What If”. 
  10. Judo or Madonna? Both are pretty fuckin’ cool mayn. 

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