The Triple 04.12.20

It’s December. December is the 12th month. 12 divided by 4 is 3. 3 is the number of clips I choose each week from the vast ether of Instagram to build… The Triple. And this intro did not feel at all forced.

3. Jake Snelling’s Boneless to Front Pivot

The “Blokes” crew are utterly mental. Take the raw, gnarly, aggressive style of 90’s era 151 or Anti-hero, and marry it with extras from a Guy Ritchie movie, and you basically create the daftest, most radical thing to ever happen to British Skateboarding. Their level of creativity and silliness is unrivalled in my book, proven by them being the only skate crew to have released a Christmas single. Leading the charge for the “Blokes” is Jake Snelling, and fresh off of getting his very own pro board for Blast Skates, he was featured in an Adidas video completely destroying London’s many spots this past week.

Of the tricks seen in this part, my personal favourite was this absolutely bonkers boneless to front pivot at Southbank. This rail is massive, and more recently it’s been on trend to boost tricks out of the bank and over the rail. Snelling puts his own spin on this by boosting himself up to a raging pivot bash on the rail, yanking it back in with his trademark aggression and purpose to slam it into the bank. It’s a classic Snelling move, done at a legendary spot: what’s not to like?

2. Brandon Bonner’s subway platform FS 180

I appreciate the use of PPE in this clip, very on trend for 2020. I’m not massively familiar with Brandon Bonner, but this clip definitely made me curious to check out more of his skating. In a completely dead New York subway station, Bonner charges on his board and blasts across some sheet metal over blind bumps before popping a gargantuan Frontside 180 over from one platform to another.

Have you ever seen a subway train? They are really wide. They have to hold hundreds of people. The gap between subway platforms is massive. Doing a trick over this would be hard even if the run up was perfect, but Bonner rode over some sketchy sheet metal to cover blind bumps (aka skate stoppers) at top speed before popping this. It’s not only a gnarly trick, it’s testament to the sheer creativity we’ll go to to make the unskateable skateable, no matter the location.

1. Pedro Delfino’s Mega Street Spot Roll-in

Holy Shit, did Pedro Delfino just become my favourite skater or what? Deathwish dropped their new video “Uncrossed” on Tuesday, and this dude’s part was serious Skater Of The Year material. If you haven’t seen that video yet, do yourself a favour and get over to the Thrasher site right now to watch it. This trick closes the video, so I guess if you are yet to see it – sorry for the spoiler?

Is the new trend for 2021 going to be the street equivalent of the Mega Ramp? Between Gilbert Crockett and Justin Henry skating a huge, THPS style Euro Gap, Elijah Berle & Jamie Foy doing the longest grinds I’ve ever seen on handrails, and Pedro Delfino rolling in on this monstrosity of a spot, I think we’re entering the era of “Mega Street“.

The Deathwish team have visited this spot before – Jim Greco ollied into it, and Delfino has actually previously kickflipped it, both coming in from the roof that’s only halfway up the thing. This bank looks about 20ft high, and rolling in on it just seems insane, even if you are Bob Burnquist and padded up to the max. Pedro has no pads, and blasts down the thing at top speed, coming out at the bottom into what is basically a gravel landing, sliding into the fence to stop himself. It isn’t clean, and it isn’t technical – what it is, is gnarly, fearless and insane skateboarding at it’s finest, and I was super stoked on it.

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