Swampy’s Top 5 Coping Choices

Front Slash / Photo by Simon Pegler
Text by Swampy

When I grind I want to feel the coping fight back. I don’t want to be able to roll onto the lip and glide along as if nothing’s happening. I like to feel and hear what’s going on, and know my trucks are either gaining dust or leaving behind a metal trail.

In past years, I’ve been able to sample lesser opted for coping choices, and here’s a little list of my favorites. You won’t find any skatepark standards or heavily lacquered cast pool blocks on this list: Just some nasty lumps of concrete that make doing the simplest grind a challenge.

In no particular order:

  1. Round edging stone
  2. Pebbles and rocks, especially granite
  3. Broken 50mm concrete slabs, with the cracked edge facing out
  4. Council standard curb stones
  5. Real pool coping

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