The Triple 30.10.20

Ade” I hear you say, “I wish someone would go through Instagram and pick out their 3 favourite amazingly rad clips they saw each week“. That’s a great idea, you should run a skateboarding blog of your own. Whilst you set that up, here’s that exact idea manifested as reality as The Terrible Company TRIPLE: 3 clips, carefully curated by yours truly, each week. 

3. Barney Page’s Tailblockslide Fingerflip

Barney Page used to turn up to the annual Boardroom competition, snake everyone in the bowl, and then proceed to destroy everyone’s minds with the most pure, energetic and inventive skateboarding to grace a wooden ramp. I had to rub my eyes in disbelief seeing him skate in person at the 2009 Boardroom comp, and let me tell you he hasn’t lost his flair for the absolute bonkers. This road wide Tailblock slide would be gnarly enough at the best of times, but the added fingerflip out is a mind melter. 

2. Franky Villani’s No Comply to Tailstall

No comply to Tailstall is a trick I struggle with on a humble bank to curb, let alone on the gargantuan transitioned bank to boundary wall Franky Villani smashes in this clip. The no comply is so stretched, bounces so high and connects to Tailstall so effortlessly, and that’s before the eventual mammoth tollie back into the bank. This is a clip I could watch (and have watched) over and over again. 

1. Zane Timpson’s 180 Wallride Gap

I had a hard time getting my head around how to even describe this trick. It isn’t a simple ollie over a gap into a bank, it is an ollie at a spot clearly laid out in such a fucked way that Timpson has to 180 to land in the bank/wallride appropriately. The height of the drop, the angle of the wallride, and the ride out all make this my favourite insta clip this week. 

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