Skaters Who Shaped Us – Alfie Morrey

Alfie Morrey / FS Beanplant / Photo by Chris Sage

Hailing from deepest Warwickshire, Alfie Morrey is a young lad I know from my local skatepark down at Victoria Park in Leamington. He’s a massive skate nerd, consuming all sorts of old school skateboard trivia and even pulling out nuggets of information that I didn’t know from my almost 20 years of skateboarding. Considering the skater who shaped him, who is a similar font of skateboarding knowledge with a long history in Warwickshire’s scene, this isn’t a surprise.

I started skating properly in 2018, just as I started college at Leamington Spa. Victoria Park is literally right outside the college, and whilst that didn’t help my learning much, it was rad. I always used to go down and skate flat ground, or roll around the park trying stuff. I always saw this badass looking guy, skating super hard, hitting the curb block spine. Turns out this dude was Mark “Morbid” Taylor. At the time, Morbid was bald, and I thought it was the raddest looking thing. I don’t think I’ve ever told him this, but the reason I shaved all my hair off was because of him, haha! Before I had ever even talked to him, I went off to the barber’s and told them to chop all my hair off! I just used to watch him doing mad blunt variations, and having the coolest style. And still, to this day he shreds super hard and gnarly. I remember just thinking “damn – that’s the shit, I want to be like that”.

Morbid / FS Hurricane / Photo by SJG

After talking to Morbid for a while and getting to know him, I found out about his skateshop, Ripride, and was blown away by that even more. We started to skate together during lunch breaks and he taught me pretty much everything about skateboarding. He helped me progress so much, from tips, to showing me new tricks I could try, and egging me on and making me not want to give up. I owe a lot to Morbid and I don’t think I’d be the same or even skating now if it wasn’t for him. He really showed me the way and helped out when I needed to buy new skateboard parts, or even finding new spots and telling me the stories about them. Thanks Morbid!

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