Pro Marky’s Top 5 Skate Videos

The man they call “The Professional”, Marcus Gallard, is raw, unpredictable and exciting to watch on a skateboard. He is also always down for anything skateboarding related: When I asked if he would write a Top 5 for me, he jumped at the chance, and put a list together faster than anyone I have asked before. Without further ado, here is Pro Marky’s Top 5 Skate Videos! – Ade

5. Static 4

I first watched this video at the premiere in Birmingham. It was an insane video, with some really creative New York style skateboarding. The person who stood out to me most was Jake Johnson: I first saw him in Alien Workshop’s “Mind Field”, but this video shows how much he still rips.

4. Transworld – “First Love”

One of the first skate videos I watched when I first started skating. I was attracted to the diverse styles that people had but my main inspiration was Omar Salazar: hyped mentality and pure speed make this a definite win for me.

3. Enjoi – “Bag of Suck”

I was shown this video in my early years of skating, and it opened my eyes to the creative enjoyment you can have on a skateboard. The team is full of rippers with a creative style. Also, you can’t talk about Enjoi in 2020 without mentioning the awesome Ben Raemers (R.I.P).

2. Lovenskate – “Tea and Biscuits”

Lovenskate have always been a home favourite, with their team of consistent rippers. This video is a great ode to Almost’s “Cheese and Crackers”, but with a raw UK style.

1. Anti-Hero – “Fucktards”

Anti-Hero has been my all time favourite skate crew since I was young: just straight up raw skateboarding with no frills and no gimmicks. “Fucktards” shows this great team, with a killer soundtrack.

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