Stan Byrne Interview


Stan Byrne is pure poetry on a skateboard. Seriously, his skateboarding is beautiful. He makes really cool shapes with his arms when he skates and he does some crazy avant garde tricks. Stan manages to be utterly raw, smooth, comical and fast all at the same time, and watching him skate always makes me smile. He’s definitely one of my favourite skaters to come out of the Coventry area, and I am always keen for more people to know who Stan is, so I probed him with some questions. 

You moved to Bristol last year, how’s the city been treating you? 

Bristol’s so sick, everyone’s very smiley and happy, so it was a bit of an adjustment from the Midlands. It’s all cider and hippies haha. Also there’s so much going on. Everyone’s down to skate 24/7. I think I’ve made more friends this year than any other in my life to be honest. 

Where have you spent the most time skating in Bristol? 

The Deaner!!! Dean Lane is my fav, I spend quite a bit of time at daveside too. Been exploring other spots and parks all about. 

What possessed you to tail drop off of that massive box at the Deaner fun day last year?

Seemed like a good idea at the time. And there might have been some rum involved. It was funny because Habgood didn’t understand what I meant, so it took a bit of convincing to get everyone to hold it up haha! 


Who do you skate with these days? 

Everyone and anyone. At the minute I’m taking it easy because I’ve done my ankle in, but Jord and Baz are top shredders and always a giggle. Pro Marky is still as pro as ever, and the DLH crew are always there. 

Before Bristol you lived in Worcester – how was the skate scene out that way? 

I was kinda in a bad place when I moved to Worcester. There’s not a lot of skaters, no scene at all really. I made some good mates, but it wasn’t a good place. 

You were one of the Kenilworth skaters who came out of the scene down Castle Farm skatepark, what was it like skating around Kenilworth? 

It was a really good training facility to have. I think after a year or two i wanted to start traveling further and further, but the locals weren’t really on it. When I moved to Coventry they didn’t visit or anything, so i just drifted more towards the Cov skaters. 

Who were your influences in skateboarding growing up? 

I used to love watching anything with Tony Trujillo or Zarosh, love me a mosher. Also liked the old Blueprint team, when they had Vaughn Baker and Si Peplow. I must have watched The DC Video a hundred times too – so anyone in that is 10/10. And obviously Ben Raemers is the King (Rest In Peace). 


I think out of all of the skateboarders I know, you always have the wildest, most innovative ideas of tricks to try. What inspires your specific style of skateboarding?

I like to see if I can skate spots or parks differently. I try and find odd lines instead of the standard “2 flatland tricks and 1 big stair” line that everyone was doing when I was growing up. It’s like a little challenge to yourself. If you can imagine it, you can do it. But if you don’t try it, then you’ll never do it. 

Who are your favourite skateboarders right now? 

Probably Jord or Pip, haha. I honestly don’t know. Peter Hewitt, Jordan Thackeray, Oski? There’s too many to choose from. It’s an impossible question. 

Is skateboarding sport or art? 

Is dancing sport or art?

I think you were on the 80s pop music hype long before it became popular in skateboarding. What are your favourite 80s bangers?

This is the best question, haha. Strawberry Switchblade, Blondie and Talking Heads. Anything with big synths and flashing colours! 

I remember some ruckus you had with security guards and cops in one of the Baghead videos. What was the story with that? 

Oh yeah! The security guard got in the way, and then claimed I had assaulted him. The police took one look at me and took me in without even asking any questions. I spent 4 hours in a cell, and then another 2 in an interview. I think they were expecting me to pay the fine and leave, but I felt I wasn’t in the wrong, so it went to court. 

How did the court case go? 

It was OK. I got a lawyer, and the police had to pay for him, haha.


You used to throw together some rad edits on Youtube. What was your favourite thing about filming the “Stan Cam” videos?

I just enjoyed making myself laugh, and trying to get others to laugh. I think that’s why I just shot it “point & shoot”. Spur of the moment filming is much easier than planning a shot, or a specific trick, you know? I think there was definitely some influence from your vids there – Batface was my favourite if your videos, raw and rugged. 

When can we expect another episode of “Stan Cam”?

I need to buy a new camera, so maybe we’ll see a Bristol edition this year?

Anyone you want to thank? 

Big up all new Bristol homies – love yall, fuck the midlands, thanks ma & pa, and of course, Satan. 

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