Top Fives: Morbid’s Top 5 Pro Skateboarders

“When Ade asked me to write about my favourite skater of all time, I said yes without really thinking about it. I’ve been skating since 1987 & have been influenced by so many skateboarders it’s near impossible to pick out a clear favourite…with that being said I can pick out a top 5, so here we go!” – Morbid

5. Neil Blender

When I was learning to skate mini ramps, I tried to learn every trick I saw Blender do. Blunts, Keep on Truckin’s & lipslides are a favourite to this day!

4. Jeff Grosso

The first I saw of Grosso was in the Speed Freaks vid in the late 80’s, shaving his eyebrows off & being a weirdo – I liked it! Jeff is fucking rad, I’ll forever love him for wearing the Ripride shirt I sent him in my favourite Loveletters episode.

3. Andy Roy

An animal on a skateboard. Sketchy, winging it style, I fucking love him.

2. Julien Stranger

His section in Reason For Living is amazing. Straight hill bombs & cruising. Runs the best skateboard company in the world.

1. John Cardiel

The Greatest Of All Time. All Hail.

Honourable mentions: TNT, Andrew Allen, Lance Mountain, Markovich, Jason Jessee, Steve Schneer, Danny Way, Danny Sargent, TG, Thiebaud, Duane Peters, Chico Brenes, AVE, Dill, Grant Taylor, Raney Beres, BA, Marc Johnson, Alan Peterson, Karma, Steve Bailey, Phil Shao, Sean Sheffey…

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