Meet Femskate.cov


“I’ve been stoked on Femskate.cov since they first popped up a couple of years ago – skateboarding is for everyone and the more people who enjoy it, the better. With this spirit in mind I was keen to have them write about their crew here on The Terrible Company!” – Ade

Skateboarding to us is a way to feel more empowered and to have a heightened sense of belonging. We know it can be daunting at times to skate amongst others that are more experienced, that’s why we’ve written this blog post; to help other women and newbies to get out there and get skating! Here are some words from a few of the femskate girls…

Kyleigh Norman (@up_in_the _woods)

Skateboarding has improved my mental and physical health, I’ve also gained lots of friends and I feel much more confident in my day to day life! It’s been a way for me to embrace my inner child, I have found it exciting to push myself, often surprising myself with what new things I learn each time I pick up my board!

Poppy Dowsing (@pops.skrr)

Skateboarding to me has been a way to explore my creativity and has also pushed me to overcome laziness! The skateboarding community is amazingly supportive and helpful, with the odd splash of mansplaining…But nevertheless, I feel at home amongst all the gnarly gals n guys of Coventry.

Naomi Jandio (@naomi_jandio)

Skating has been a platform in which I have been allowed to have full creative integrity. It has been a way for me to meet new people and make new friends, and its inclusiveness in the community has helped motivate me to progress, I cant wait to see the future of female skateboarders!

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