//www.instagram.com/embed.js“,”poster”:[{“url”:”https://66.media.tumblr.com/b91da820785353c80c117b939ef2fb57/tumblr_pni1cvRxbc1qaith0_540.jpg”,”type”:”image/jpeg”,”width”:480,”height”:480}],”attribution”:{“type”:”app”,”url”:”https://instagram.com/p/BuTWX3KA5mI”,”app_name”:”instagram”,”display_text”:”wmrrcampaign – Quinn loves the half pipe. Wouldn’t be able to do it without starting off on @covskateparkproject mini ramp nearly two years ago #lovecoventryskateboardingcommunity #wishwehadsomevert”}}’>


The next generation of Cov skateboarders are already campaigning for better facilities and working hard to improve the scene. Here’s Quinn from the War Memorial Park Ramp Renovation group skating the mini ramp where The Terrible Company came into existence! If you have a minute, please sign their petition to get the skatepark improved: myaccount.coventry.gov.uk/Petitions?title=War Memorial Ramp Renovation

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