The History Of Covpark

I recently put together a blog post for the War Memorial Ramp Renovation campaign, where I explained my history with Covpark and what improvement to the skatepark would mean for Coventry. Off the back of that, I thought it would make sense to post a revised history of the skatepark which (for anyone who cares) gives... Continue Reading →

“City Of Culture”

Skateboarders in Coventry have been after a new, good, modern skatepark since the day the idea of a skatepark at Memorial Park was even formulated. Covpark was built in 2001, and even before that, the likes of Jim The Skin and Steve Spain were attending meeting with the council to try and get us an... Continue Reading →

The Skatepark Situation

I used to run a feature here on the blog called “The Skatepark Situation”. I’ve decided to bring it back for this one off analysis of an article in the Coventry Observer. The article is about the War Memorial Ramp Renovation campaign, and their call for council help to improve the skatepark. Long time visitors to... Continue Reading →

//","poster":[{"url":"","type":"image/jpeg","width":480,"height":480}],"attribution":{"type":"app","url":"","app_name":"instagram","display_text":"wmrrcampaign - Quinn loves the half pipe. Wouldn’t be able to do it without starting off on @covskateparkproject mini ramp nearly two years ago #lovecoventryskateboardingcommunity #wishwehadsomevert"}}'> View this post on Instagram A post shared by War Memorial ramp renovation (@wmrrcampaign) on Feb 25, 2019 at 3:07am PST // next generation of Cov skateboarders are already... Continue Reading →

On Friday, we’re launching a crowdfunder campaign for Culture Skatepark. This is basically a way for you to get directly involved with the skatepark project, and donate money for rewards and incentives (such as skate sessions, exclusive insider info on progress for the park, and VIP entry to the opening event). We’re hoping to raise... Continue Reading →

Starley Road residents meeting

Keeping this short and sweet. We met with residents at vicroft court flats (next to Ikea), about people skating in town. Here’s what was discussed; - The noise of people skating Ikea and the arcade is why the residents have complained. - They understand we want somewhere to skate, and are willing to help find... Continue Reading →

We’ve been a tad quiet recently - as normal this usually happens around this time of year! Don’t worry though, we have a lot of stuff in the works. Hibernate Skate 2012 is still in full swing, with Terribleco’s edit coming on nicely and we still have the final episode of 4 Horseman (starring Chris... Continue Reading →

Those Kenilworth chaps have only gone and bloody won Transform Your Patch! By receiving the most votes they have bagged a sweet £23,500 for their skatepark, and there is a good possibility of match funding being stumped up to DOUBLE that number. With the good news, the locals are eyeing up a complete revamp of the skatepark... Continue Reading →

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