Covpark Combat is no more… This is THE SUMMER JAM. 6 days worth of awesomeness, with a temporary skatepark outside the Transport Museum, all paid for and supported by Coventry City Council??!!! It’s like Covpark Combat and the Ride demo collided head on and created the best thing since sliced bread.

The 6 days in question are broken into two 3 day sessions – check the poster for times, dates and the all important final day comp. There will also be a small area on-site with a display about the Cov Skate Scene organised by Emily Martin; she’s currently looking for stories about YOUR experiences skating in Cov (how it’s been a hugely positive effect on your lives, etc). Drop her an email with your thoughts and they could be featured at this event! Culture Skatepark will also be there to help run the event and show off their newest park designs. Check out the Facebook Page and make your digital mark if you’re gonna be there (and you all better be there!).

Terribleco just got legit.

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