This week’s person of the week is Stan Byrne.

Kenilworth’s skaters don’t get enough props – as a small town just outside of the Cov, it’s main attraction for skaters is the skatepark, which is currently in the process of a regeneration project. You can find out more here.

Despite the lack of a top quality showpiece skatepark, and despite being in the middle of warwickshire, where good skateparks and good spots are certainly lacking, Stan is one of the local skaters who’s totally ripping. Not to mention he fully loves transition skating and likes to go all BA:KU with balaclavas, as seen in the photo above. From time to time Stan does skate a bit of street though, and can do the flip tricks that the kids like to see;

Well done to you, Stan – keep skating and keep doing Frontside Pivots, as they’re sick.

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