Phil Hunt is Terribleco’s person of the week. To celebrate, here’s his latest edit of last wednesday’s evening vert shralpage at Creation Skatepark. Phil’s edits are awesome, check out his Youtube for more!  Major props, Phil - keep being rad!

Person of the week is Martin Phillips. Because real men skate curbs.

I bloody love Gaz Taylor. I think I’m gonna make him person of the week.

Person Of The Week – Dexter Gonzales

Yeah, it’s been a while since I did one of these, but I’ve decided to bring it back. We kick off 2011’s POTW features with Dexter Gonzales. If you’ve never seen Dexter around, then you’re either new to the Cov scene, or you just never had the pleasure to skate with him. He’s always been... Continue Reading →

Person of the week this week is…. THIS GUY… or Callum Goralski, as he is more commonly know. Well done sir. Keep skateboarding the Coventry way.

This week’s person of the week is Stan Byrne. Kenilworth’s skaters don’t get enough props - as a small town just outside of the Cov, it’s main attraction for skaters is the skatepark, which is currently in the process of a regeneration project. You can find out more here. Despite the lack of a top... Continue Reading →

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