Sittin’ On The Toilet

Whilst looking back at the 20 years of skateboarding stuff I’ve made under the Terribleco banner, I almost forgot about this one. That is honestly really funny, considering this video is one of my favourites. So, let me just quickly present some guff about “Sittin’ On The Toilet”.

I think the reason I forgot about this one is because it premiered as an extra on Cthulhu, one of the few videos I have made that is actually even better than this one. The DVD package for Cthulhu is one of the strongest offerings I’ve ever produced, and that is literally because of the main feature, and this record of a near perfect skate trip down to Cornwall.

Sittin’ On The Toilet is a love letter to Anti-Hero and Girl’s “Beauty and the Beast” tour video from 2009. After watching that video during the making of Cthulhu, I quickly became obsessed with gathering a crew of my own and doing a similar road trip. Obviously this was not the first tour video I had involved in making, but it was the first one I had been in charge of planning.

After putting the call out, we had 3 cars worth of people heading down the M5 to skate as many parks as possible. Kyle Smith, Harry Myers, George “Cyber George” Coneely, Rosko, Ralph Cooper, Hannah Craig, Joxa, Matt Burrows, Emily Cottrell and myself all loaded up the cars and spent a week in the sunshine down in the land of cream teas and pasties.

We were joined by a handful of friends who lived down south on our travels – Tom Carr, Kayleigh Cullen, Swampy, Tom Albrow and Big Tommy all cropped up at some point in our trip to shred and get gnarly on their local parks. Overall, it was a heavy crew and the skate sessions, campsite antics and variety of food and drinks consumed all made the trip super memorable. It was a road trip that was impossible to replicate.

Compared to some of the longer form posts I’ve put up recently, I apologise that this one is kinda short. Largely it’s because the video is super self explanatory, and a lot of the best banter was captured on camera. Also, I’m lazy and only just remembered to write something for this literally at the time I posted it. Your best bet is to just watch the video – and I would couple it with Cthulhu, considering they originally came as a package deal.

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