Moose’s Top 5 Terribleco Video Things

Something a little bit different with the 20th anniversary guff in this blog post. Rather than concentrate just on full videos, or full parts, Moose opted for looking at a mix of full parts, web edits and and full videos. A real mix.

Alex “Moose” McGhie has been a mainstay of this blog during pretty much it’s entire 2nd decade. Having grown up watching the nonsense I spat out in the first 10 years running the blog, Moose quickly stepped up and eventually featured in full parts of his own across videos like Cannonball Holocaust, Sorcerers Of Shred, and more recently, Ghostface.

Not only is Moose a rad skateboarder, but honestly one of my closest mates in the local scene. I don’t like to get all sappy and use that sort of “He’s like a younger brother” sort of rhetoric, but for Moose it’s true – always a good time skating with him, always has a laugh, and his approach to skateboarding perfectly encapsulates the sort of stuff I love about skateboarding in Coventry. Much respect, Moose, you da best.

Header Photo / Moose Back Tailing his way around some yellow posts / Photo by Ryan Bradley

5. Joxa’s Part in Batface (2009)

OK. Batface. What can I say about Batface? It was a long anticipated video for me growing up, as it was in the height of learning how to skate, and seeing all the rad tricks go down in the videos around me. First section out of the two I’m gonna pick out from the video is Joxa’s.

It’s a quick explosive part with fast music and fast tricks, from tailblocks, to disasters, to wallrides. Joxa grinds through this minute long part keeping your eyes to the screen. Also there’s a classic Vicki Park sweeper cameo. Along with Joxa’s part I also really like the style of this video, with B movie clips sprinkled in, it gives the video a cool, fun aesthetic.

4. Harry Myers’ Part in Batface (2009)

The next part from Batface I want to mention is Harry Myers (at 8:16 in the video above). “This guy carries two guns: one to stop trouble and one to make trouble. He was born in the ghetto, and raised in the streets.” After the intro from Trouble Man, Harry covers all terrain in this part, from street to transition, and during this summer Harry’s dad even built a ramp in his back garden: so if you wanna see what hours of mini ramp training looks like, look no further.

3. Pro Marky’s Part in Peace Horse (2016)

Jumping forwards to some of the newer web edits, with the 2016 vid Peace Horse. The video starts with none other than Marcus Gallard/Pro Marky/Mukkalesh/Chap, who’s part starts at 2:36 in the video above. During that year we went on a little road trip to a few parks and spots close by, including the MK Ditch. In classic Muk style, you never know what you’re gonna see, and there might be flips and tricks, but one things for sure, there will definitely be sweepers.

2. My Big, Fat Gypsy Road Trip (2012)

This was a camping trip gone terribly wrong, yet so right. In true Terribleco fashion, we aimed to go down south and skate around the Somerset/Bristol area, with hopes that the weather would be on our side. How wrong we were.

While we got some skating in, we ended up heading back up north to escape the rain. We got some tricks at the House skatepark in Sheffield, then back towards Nottinghamshire, and of course who can forget the infamous late night wellies.

1. Franchi$e (2018)

Yet another awesome montage of the local scene, again in the form of a web edit. There’s some bangers in this one. From spots that no longer exist, to one’s you’ve never even seen, this video has a roster of some of the best rippers around. It’s more in tune with what Terrible Company videos are today, and this one is a fun watch. Bought to you by Toby Hawn’s Pro Skateboard 5.

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