R.I.P Tyre Nichols

The subject of police brutality has been an ongoing, depressing, intimidating shadow over our lives for far too long. The amount of deaths from the overreaching abuse of power from police officers is too many to name, but Tyre Nichols’ death hits close to home for many of us: He was a skateboarder, he was one of us, he was an innocent, decent, hard working dude who did not deserve the horrific death that he got.

There’s not much I can say, but to quote NWA: Fuck the police. If you have ever skated street, you have only a taste of how police abuse their position, profile people based solely on appearance and do anything but “protect and serve”. They are fascists, they aren’t your friends. Ignore every kooky viral video of a police officer doing a tre flip: these people have chosen to be oppressive and protect the worst in society who hold all of the power, to stomp on the average person. I ain’t laughing at someone with a badge proving they can skate when their colleagues are literally killing skateboarders like Tyre Nichols.

This isn’t a debate. This death was fucking wrong. Flat out. Cops don’t get to just outright kill innocent people without being called out for it.

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