Independent Update

I switched comments off on the Independent Thought blog post because I was getting a lot of stupid comments on it.

Basically, it was people who didn’t read the thing, and got annoyed over me even posting about Indy changing their logo. This only happened here on the blog, because elsewhere on Insta, even those who disagreed with Independent’s logo change backed me up and said I gave it a fair overview looking at both sides, but I guess WordPress is built different.

If you’re new to this blog, or you’ve somehow found your way here to try and rag on that post some more:

This blog is personal opinion. I post whatever I want on here. If you want to come here and shit-post, argue that this is “cancel culture”, argue that your precious truck brand is being too “woke”, I don’t give a shit. Go write your own blogpost about it. You wanna have a civil discussion, make your point in a way that doesn’t start with insulting me? I can get behind that.

When you come on here and take a shit all over the comments section, you’re preaching to the tiniest audience. A small group of people mostly based around the middle of England. This isn’t Jenkem. It’s a tiny blog with almost zero reach written by a person who just loves writing bullshit about skateboarding. You’re not “setting the industry right” on their opinion of Independent by coming here and telling me my blog post is fucking dumb. After this blog post I’ll likely never think about you or you’re hot take on the guff I write on here ever again.

If the mere thought of someone taking a nuanced, well thought out approach to a controversial subject in skateboarding gets you mad: Go outside and skate. Touch some grass. Do anything apart from contributing negativity and bullshit to society. Because I’ve had enough of dealing with shitty personal comments from overgrown manbabies.

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