Joe Hinson – Britannia

Handrail Hunter and regular visitor to Coventry Joe Hinson has just dropped a full part over on the Darkstar Youtube channel. As expected, there’s plenty of absolute destruction of handrails and big drops a plenty – and a pleasing amount of Coventry spots crop up as well. Look closely and you might even spot friend of the blog Lewis Guest‘s recognisable blonde mohawk in the background at the Herbert.

Aside from my local Cov-boy pride, there was plenty of stuff for me to get hyped on in this part. A bluntslide down the infamous CEX 14 set in Cov sets the tone very early on, with some more obscure Milton Keynes handrails getting a battering with Smiths and Feebles aplenty. A particular favourite trick is on a small handrail down a double 3 set, where Hinson hops the skate stoppers at the top, landing on the flat part in the middle of the handrail with a perfect placed Smith Grind, and then a pop off to clear the bottom section of the handrail.

Single parts on Youtube are plentiful in this day and age, but when this kind of part appears online it’s a real treat. Seeing this level of handrail skating in the UK is a rare sight, and Joe Hinson is one of this country’s most fearless handrail skaters. After his brief appearance in Film Trucks’ Premier Amour earlier this year, I was clamouring to see more of this guy shredding, and this clip right here more than scratched the itch. If you haven’t already, press play on the video above and get stoked!

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