June 2021 Video Roundup

June is a bit of a crazy time, so many rad edits drop due to us being in the height of Summer and Go Skateboarding Day. If this selection is missing some of your own personal favourites, I apologise: I only got so much time! Here’s the video round up for June 2021.

Dae Geun Ahn’s “Over The Shoulder” part

This part from Korean shredder Dae Geun Ahn basically sees him taking to the streets after some serious shoulder recovery. Hill bombing, technical grind to manny combos, and some nice surprises on Korean architecture – all done mostly wearing a shoulder brace. The editing is super rad as well, with some subversive illustrations popping out in some clips. Keep watching after the credits for a No Comply tinged banger too!

The Sale – Rerun in London

Bristol clothing entrepreneurs ReRun Clothing have close ties to the skate scene – with blog buddies Stan Byrne and Jord Lightowler cropping up in their social media feeds, and a heavy support following in UK skateboarding. Recently they popped over to London for a big sale, and made an edit of their event live now (and available for viewing above). You can see the likes of Jord & Bear Myles shredding London spots like the Hackney Bumps & Mile End, as well as see a little bit of what their extremely popular brand of clothing wheeling and dealing looks like. Plenty of shenanigans, good vibes and some very good skateboarding.  

Deathwish In Texas

Here’s a short 5 minute clip of all of a small selection of the wider Deathwish team on a tour across Texas filmed during the middle of May. The video is pretty chilled out with some acoustic blues music accompanying the skating, but there’s a lot of rad tricks in this clip that would usually be “ender” material for your average skater. They even manage to get a car to tow them for some tricks – which is the true test of whether shit’s getting crazy. I also didn’t realise how many gnarly bank spots are in Texas?

Roger Skateboards’ “Cold Brew” Video

You know, I honestly thought that Michael Sieben’s fantastic company “Roger Skateboards” had disappeared. Other than their extremely welcome addition to new skateboarding game Session, I hadn’t seen much of anything from the brand in what seemed like forever. Therefore I was pleasantly surprised to see they had a brand new video out now on the Thrasher Website. Even more so to see it was an 18 minute edit – slightly longer than the average web edit, but still bitesize enough compared to a full length. 

Keeping the theme from the last video going… This one takes place mostly in Austin, Texas, which means Texas must be the new hotshot for US pro skaters. No Texas Plants in either video though, so I dunno what this lot are playing at. Lots of flowy lines, HUGE pop and just Roger doing their own unique thing as they have always done.

Carve Wicked Skateboards’ “Budgie Smugglers” Video

Wales’ Carve Wicked have been quietly supplying UK shredders with boards for quite a while now, and with this new edit on the Thrasher they are loudly proclaiming that they are still here. If you’re looking for mach 10 speed bowl lines, hefty handling of crusty UK street spots, and even some vert footage, you’re in the right place. This thing’s a bit of a mini tour video, including plenty of rad skits to go with the skateboarding (including ollieing massive stair sets in nothing but a pair of underpants and some pads) – it’s uniquely British and super rad.

Louie Barletta’s “Lost In Transition” part

Louie is one of my favourite pro skaters ever. People always look to his inventive street tricks as the reason why he rules, and those tricks are great, but his skills on a mini ramp shouldn’t be underestimated. Proof can be found in this edit, where he straight up demolishes a backyard mini ramp in 3 minutes with some of the most technical, insane tricks I’ve probably seen in years. Definitely some inspiration for Harry Myers and any other mini ramp aficionados out there.

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