The Triple 18.06.21

Check these 3 rad tricks to get some inspiration ahead of Go Skateboarding Day – who knows, you’re next trick might be one of these?

3. Charlie Spelzini’s BS Bluntslide to Back Lip

Starting things off with a cheeky little move from Death’s Charlie Spelzini – a Backside Bluntslide on a bank at The Pioneer Skatepark in St. Albans, capped off with a quick footed spin into a Back Lip transfer onto another bank. To be honest, this trick just gives me pure nostalgia for skating slippy indoor skateparks over the years. You can pull this kind of trick on the street, but the slippiness of heavily skated plywood just makes this kind of thing glide so smoothly.

2. Jameel Douglas’ Frontside Wallride Revert

OOOF. This one is an incredible show of skilled footwork. Jameel Douglas has a new part up on the Free Skate Mag website now, and this awesome wallride variation crops up in it. Every time I’ve ever done a wallride, my first instinct is to not lean on the nose – it always makes me feel uneasy, and I always feel like I need to lean back to get up the wall. Douglas sacks all of that off to no a revert on the nose mid-wallride. I don’t know how this works, and I am utterly baffled by it. Extra points for basically doing this on what is essentially a non-spot.

1. Ariana Spencer’s Gap to Footplant

Ariana Spencer is channelling her inner Mike V here with a gap to footplant. The choice between this and the wallride revert in spot number 2 this week was super difficult, but there are several factors that pushed Spencer into the top spot.

  1. The speed she goes at to do the footplant. She needs it to clear the gap to the hubba, and this makes the land super smooth and quick.
  2. The slam at the start – landing at speed on a sloped surface with your foot isn’t as easy as you might think.
  3. The shapes on the footplant are rad. It isn’t a fastplant due to her other foot not being on the board, but it’s one of those super quirky plants that when people do them right (like in this clip, for example), they look super fun and just as good as a proper fastplant.

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