The Triple 14.05.21

Time for 3 more rad Insta clips in The Terrible Company’s weekly social media observation feature – THE TRIPLE.

3. Dalton Dern’s Car Nosepick

I originally had another trick in the number 3 spot, and even had a couple of paragraph’s written up about it. But then, as Friday began, I spotted this sick clip of Dalton Dern hitting up a Nosepick out of a ditch on a car door and thought it was the raddest thing.

The ditch this trick is done on is a proper tight, fast looking thing, and the car parked at the top is just a super rad visual. I like a good Nosepick and this thing is just done with such raw energy that I was stuck watching this thing quite a few times when I first saw it. It had to be on The Triple this week!

2. Keyaki Ike’s Full Cab Nosebluntslide

If you know me, you know that textbook street tech isn’t even remotely in my trickbag. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy seeing it though! This week’s Certified Fresh Street Tech (TM) is from Keyaki Ike.

Alright, it’s a backyard skatepark clip – I don’t care, look at the trick! One of my favourite things to see is full cabs into handrail tricks, there’s something really satisfying about seeing them. One of my favourites is the “Brockel Shuffel” (a back full cab to front blunt), and I consider the combination of Backside Full Cab to any Blunt variation to be the best full cab handrail moves.

A Backside full cab into a Backside Noseblunt, therefore, is a trick I definitely enjoyed seeing this week. It was a textbook example of what this trick should be: perfect rotation, perfectly locked Noseblunt, done fast and popped proper.

1. Clive Dixon’s 5050 Pole Jam

If Street Tech isn’t in my repertoire, then Street Hammers most certainly aren’t either. I still enjoy seeing the likes of Clive Dixon combining massive handrails with the humble pole jam, though.

The second trick in this preview clip from his “Prine” part (up now on the Thrasher website), this massive handrail 5050 is capped off with a cheeky pole jam at the end. Long grinds on massive handrails is a trend that has slowly crept into skate videos over the last year (wrapped up in what I call the era of “Mega Street”, with Elijah Berle, Jamie Foy and Jordan Dashawn all dropping these kind of tricks in videos over the last 6 months).

Dixon’s trick here is a evolution of combining this trend with more unique obstacles. It’s testament to the sheer speed that street skating is advancing at right now, and it’s a sign of things to come. If this is the standard of tricks guys like Clive Dixon are throwing down, the future is about to get wild.

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