March 2021 Video Roundup

Giddy up y’all, the Terrible Company Video Roundup is back again with a fresh haul of full length parts and videos for your eyes. Get your evening sorted with these awesome videos! 

The Upper West Side Curb Club

Get ready for 20 minutes of Slappies and ledge dancing in this snazzy video from Greg Navarro that appeared on the Thrasher site near the end of February. With editing and music reminiscent of Stereo Skateboards, this video has chilled out East Coast grafting on skateboarding’s most prolific obstacle, the humble curb. 

Playing out as one long friends montage, the video bounces between a handful of New York haunts as skaters of all ages and skill levels shred the curbs and ledges of the Upper West Side. Even with the limited selection of spots, there’s some fun tricks on some surprising architecture, including a front board on a cannon! If you’re looking for something realistic and relatable to get you in a fun, jazzy mood before you head out to slappy a curb, this is the video for you. 

Hanging Out With Sunny Suljic

What do you mean you haven’t seen “Mid-90s”? It’s a bloody good film! If you’ve seen the movie you would have seen the absolutely amazing breakout lead role from Sunny Suljic. Turns out director Jonah Hill cast real skaters for practically all of the main roles, and in this clip from Jenkem, Suljic heads out to skate a few of his local spots. 

Funnily enough, despite his Mid-90s character being near enough a beginner, Sunny Suljic rips. The skating in this clip is super rad and it’s great to see him just skating casually and know that Jonah Hill really kept his movie focused on real skateboarders. There’s some great conversation about how he adapted to acting in a film, and how being the lead in a critically acclaimed movie has changed his life. He also messes about with a Zoltar fortune teller machine, which made me feel like the video would end with him turning into Tom Hanks

Cornmarket’s “Martley” Video

Gotta give a shout out to our buddies over at Cornmarket! This edit features blog buddies Stan Byrne, Jord Lightowler and of course Daz Block himself (among other shredders) completely demolishing Martley skatepark with bangers aplenty. Sometimes you just need a good edit of a park getting shredded to hell to get your hyped for a skate! 

Lucy Adams – “A Metre Of Air”

This rad new documentary from the legendary Andy Evans dropped on the Vague website this month, showcasing Lucy Adams’ career and the path that lead her to be one of the biggest names in UK Skateboarding. As women’s skateboarding continues to get bigger and bigger, a documentary like “A metre of air” is a firm reminder that women have always been involved in skateboarding, and always shredding. Lucy’s story is just a rad, feel good story for anyone who loves skateboarding and sees how truly awesome it can be. The documentary is also capped with a brand new full section from Adams – full of her trademark tech, flyouts and curb shredding!

Giorgi Armani’s “Skate Mental” Part 

This utterly bizarre fever dream of a part dropped on the Thrasher website at the very end of February and appears to take place entirely whilst Giorgi is in a coma. The skating itself is a combination between downright gnarly handrail assaults and the occasional left field banger – a weird “side step” 360 flip into a thin landing on a hubba being one of them. 

All set to some relaxed lo-fi beats and featuring some utterly bizarre editing, the lines are cruisy, the stair tricks are landed bolts and it’ll leave you feeling like you’ve just woken up from a coma yourself. 

Noah Fuzi’s “Common Courtesy” Part

Steep banks, crusty transitions, gnarly hill bombing – this is like textbook thumbs up materials for me. This awesome 3 and a half minutes of pure, raw, uncut shredding will introduce you to some of the roughest and steepest American spots, as Noah Fuzi pulls off some tricky moves and grafts like hell. 

If we had an award for “Ruler of all Alley Oop variants”, it would probably be for Noah Fuzi. He pulls a bunch of tricks in this part that all turn the wrong way to his direction of travel. My personal favourites are a mind-fuck alley oop corner bodyjar to tail on a tight pool corner, and an alley oop front axle on a bank to bench. The part ends with an utterly ridiculous roll in to gap on a thin brick wall, which has to be seen to be believed. 

Maite Steenhoudt’s “From Broski 2 Proski” Video

Maite has been killing it for a while and her promotion to Pro Skater on Uma Landsleds is well deserved. Of course this means we get a brand new full part, live on the Thrasher YouTube right now. This thing is utter madness and I love it. Great skits, weird music, and a selection of straight up quirky bangers. To give you a taste of what to expect here, she plays Chess whilst holding a Smith stall during the end credits. This video is wild. 

Steenhoudt brings a host of rad friends along for the ride, shredding all terrain and doing doubles runs with a ton of style. The spots being skated here range from perfect transitions to crusty back alleys, and it’s just a damn good video if you love bowl shredding and obscure street spots. My favourite tricks are the layback nosestall on a street bank, layback front Blunt, a Cannonball Lipslide in a bowl and MONSTER TRUCK to Nose Manny to Monster Truck down a double set. I’m a practitioner of the Monster Truck and I was stoked to see it in a pro video. Incredibly rad stuff. 

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