The Triple 19.03.21

I sure hope Quartersnacks don’t find out about this feature. Here’s The Triple for March 19th 2021.

3. Dave Mull’s King Fu Hippy Jump

If you’re familiar with The Worble crew (the brilliant minds behind Man Ramp) you’ll also be familiar with Dave Mull. A hard grafting street destroying machine with a creative and stylish flair, Mill is a fantastic skater to watch and adds a little bit of daftness to even the most gnarly and insane of tricks. Whilst not the most intense clip you’ll find of Dave Mull, this Hippy Jump is a great example of what his skateboarding is about.

This is a hefty Hippy Hop over a desk, but it’s styled out with a good old flying kick, Mortal Kombat style. If I were an expert in martial arts I could maybe comment on his technique here but I will presume our resident martial artist Lewis Guest would approve of the form on this flying kick. He follows it up with a banger run, and it’ll get you hyped to line up some school furniture and get shredding yourself.

2. Nora Vasconcellos’ Fingerflip Lien Tail

I honestly don’t need an excuse to share Nora footage here on this blog. She’s one of my favourite pro skaters and I always get stoked seeing her shred on any transition. After putting out a super rad part last month she’s also just dropped a sick new pro shoe on Adidas – she’s been busy, but still found time to drop this banger on Insta this week.

Fingerflip Lien Tails have been a golden wishlist trick for me for years. I learnt Fingerflip Sweepers, and Lien Tails (a trick I will probably have to relearn), but I always failed to put the two together. I’ve seen some rad versions of this trick done by mates like Stan Byrne and Tony Lui, but the trick alludes me. This is probably why I was super stoked to see Nora put down a really snappy, tightly timed one on this taco. It made me want to try and finally get this one down myself.

1. Luiz Francisco’s Drop In

I don’t even know what to call this bloody obstacle. It’s like a chimney or something? It’s a pure DIY abomination that I am convinced was never built with the intention of dropping in on it. Luiz Francisco musters the courage to throw himself off the top of this health and safety nightmare in the King of all drop ins.

This chimney/tube whatever the hell this thing is clearly isn’t stable. Francisco has 3 homies holding it in place. This trick is one of those next level insane things that require a whole crew to make it happen, and when you need help to pull off a stunt like this, that’s when you get pure magic.

Luiz doesn’t even drop in, as such – if he did that it would be a 5050 drop into the quarter which would be even more insane. He rags off the top of the tube, drops about 7 ft, and lands in a round nipple quarter (which is fraught with it’s own complexities). It’s an astounding level of commitment and a super sick trick.

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