The Triple 29.01.21

What a year this January has been. Lucky for you I’ve got a fresh stack of sick Instagram clips to close off this month and get you stoked. This is The Triple for January 29th 2021.

3. Farid Ulrich’s No Comply Pressure Heelflip to Blunt Fakie

Folks we have a late entry for the battle of the no complies – after last week’s foot down frenzy with spots 2 and 1 being overtaken with tricks which lacked compliance, Farid Ulrich is here this week to bring something a little left field to the table. No Complies on transitions are hard. I’ve always found them to be a rare and magical beast, and I admire anyone who can bring a No Comply variant to a quarter pipe. When you add lip tricks, and flip variations to the mix, then you got yourself a real storm brewing.

In this DIY clip, Ulrich pops the lesser seen No Comply Pressure Heelflip, catches and plants the board into a blunt, and pops that shit quicker than you can say “Our lord and saviour Ray Barbee”. The No Comply Pressure Heelflip is one of those tricks that is really hard to make look good – it’s flipped using your back foot, and you often don’t get much “pop” because of it. It sort of rolls, which means there’s high chance of a mob flip, which means people shy aware from it. This version is a great example of it, and given it’s low ground clearance it makes it easy to control and pair it with tricky combinations like this. Love it.

2. Mike Arnold’s Switch BS 360 Kickflip

How does one Switch Kickflip? How does one Switch BS Flip? How does one Switch BS 360 Kickflip? How does one do all of that, but over a road gap the width of a car? If anyone can give me pointers on how to do any of this unfathomable stuff, please DM me. Mike Arnold is a street beast, and this trick is just some straight up wizardry. Ace Trucks have been killing it as of recent with their recent team additions, and this clip is proof that Arnold was a premium get for the team.

Everything about this clip is rewatchable. The awkward Switch stance, announcing that Arnold is riding his board the wrong way. The flick on the Switch Kickflip. The spin which starts slow, but seems to just speed up and hit fast forward as he lands. It’s just a clip that you have to watch over and over again. It’s just so perfectly executed that you trick yourself into thinking, for just a second, that you can actually Switch Flip. OK, maybe that’s just me.

1. Kris Vile’s Full Cab Hippy Flip

Alright, I hear you lot at the back shouting that this is the second Get Lesta clip to top a Triple this month. It’s not my fault Callun is uploading pure gold to his Insta. Kris Vile has always been bloody good, even back when he was a kid on Channel 5. Birmingham’s biggest shredder skates with such ease, such technicality and such confidence that his inclusion in Callun Loomes’ Get Lesta videos was always a no brainer – and when he’s dropping bangers like this on Instagram is it any wonder why?

This thing is a technical marvel. A trick so steeped in dexterity and precision that I think most people would think it’s impossible, or the kind of thing you could only do in video games or something. Seeing a bunch of non-makes and slams leading up to the actual trick is a stark reminder that this trick is bloody hard, and that Kris Vile is bloody good, and that you should be bloody skateboarding right now.

The clip is at the famous gap to bar gap in Milton Keynes, and sees Vile spinning a full cab flip at the bar. The board goes under, he goes over. When you’re already spinning 360 degrees, and your board is too (on two axis’ might I add), the last thing you want is a rail between you and your board. Through sheer graft he managed to catch the thing a few times, getting some sketchy lands before nailing one and hanging on just enough to get the ride out. The semi-rough foot placement on the land doesn’t matter – this thing is mental.

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