2020: The Year In Review

2020 has been a weird year, right? I think a lot of us went into this new decade expecting a fresh start because the last half of the 2010’s kinda sucked. I guess the good news is that after starting the decade with a pandemic, things can only get better from here? At least I hope so. Keeping things a little closer to home, here’s what 2020 held for The Terrible Company. It’s like Screenwipe, but instead of Charlie Brooker, you have my stupid ass.


2020 began with the amazing Earth Goblin, from Heroin Skateboards. An utterly fantastic video that shows how far that company has come since it’s humble beginnings on our fair shores. Fos done good! Meanwhile, here on the blog we had a selection of awesome stuff going on, as the blog post machine kicked into top gear. Highlights included:


Baghead Crew made February fun by dropping their “last full video” Funeral. This is a great video, with some choice parts from Dead Dave, Deer Man Of Dark Woods, and a banger last part from Myles Rushforth. Our good mate Stan Byrne even pops up for some rad street transition shredding! On the blog, things were a little light, but we still had some great posts go up:


As we all entered lockdown, it was pleasant to see Stratford Upon Avon’s “Goonies” crew dropping a sick web edit called Mustard. There’s a lot of intersection between these dudes and the similarly rad Sumo boys, so it was great to see more of their shredding out there after last year’s Sumo output Ballet. Over here on the blog, March was busy:


Lockdown was grinding us down in April, but at least Lucas Healey got an Eminem haircut. Even still, blog content kept on coming:


This month was spearheaded by the awesome announcement that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 were getting the remaster treatment. I was incredibly stoked on this (and the game turned out great). Outside of video games, we began a Lockdown Game Of S.K.A.T.E to fight the lockdown blues. This carried on into June, and took the spotlight here on the blog. Other than that:


In more video game news, the team behind EA Skate finally gave confirmation that a new game in the series was in development! On top of this, Cov Skateboarding Insta curator and all round street wizard Ellian Lisica took home the crown in the Lockdown Game Of S.K.A.T.E. There was also:


In the height of Summer, things seemed to be turning a corner, and the world seemed a little more positive. Skate sessions were back on, we were out of the harsh lockdown that we’d all become accustomed to. For anyone still in lockdown, gamers got their hands on Skater XL’s v1.0 release. Blog friend Andy Clare was cracking on with board reviews for his rad Youtube channel, and we also had some cool stuff on the blog:


This month was pretty quiet here on the blog. I think I was mainly outside trying to skate as much as I could to make up for lockdown. Anyway, these were my faves this month:


THPS 1+2 came out, it was my birthday, and it was perhaps the last good, dry month before the onset of Autumn rolled in. By the way, did I mention THPS 1+2 is amazing, and you should play it? If you don’t care about video games, there was plenty on the blog to get your teeth stuck into, including:


A big change for the blog happened in October, as we moved from our old home of over 10 years at Tumblr, to the far superior new blog on WordPress. With this change, the blog really took off in a new, exciting direction. Some of my personal favourites during this month were:


As the year began to come to a close, and certain awful US Presidents got voted the hell out of office, skateboarders the world over started to see glimpses of some sick videos on the horizon, with Vans’ “Alright, OK” and Converse’s “Seize The Seconds” dropping at the tail end of the month (both are sick videos). Here on the blog, we had some rad highlights:


Still fresh in our memories, December has followed November’s lead, with wet and soggy weather postponing skates for many of us. This didn’t stop Deathwish from dropping the absolutely phenomenal “Uncrossed”, making Pedro Delfino everyone’s new favourite skateboarder. Here’s on the blog, we had these highlights:

And that brings us to 2021. Here’s hoping that next year brings us some positive vibes, and The Terrible Company will continue to be here with more rad blog posts and skateboard guff! Happy 2021!

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