Harry Tomecek’s Top 5 Texas Plants

Photo by Morbid

Harry Tomecek is one of those modern skaters who has a style that is decidedly old school. Seeing guys like Harry around kinda made me stoked to embrace the kind of skateboarding I’ve always enjoyed: doing tricks where hands and feet on the ground (or coping), where you are doing aggressive grinds, or where you are grabbing your board. One of the staple tricks of Harry’s selection is the Texas Plant. It’s his go to trick, and he is probably the closest thing I know to an expert on the matter. When it came to writing a Top 5, Harry Tomecek writing about Texas Plants just made perfect sense. – Ade

I first learnt Texas Plants back at Stratford in 2017. I was trying to do slob plants first and I found it easier to stand on top of the ramp and jump in rather than lean back and jump like you would for a slob. The first person I saw do them was an old Zorlac video of John Gibson, and it was super aggressive, and super stylish and I just had to learn them. With that in mind, here are my Top 5 favourite variations of the Texas Plant (in no particular order). 

  1. Texas Plant 
  2. Texas to Sweeper, aka the tin opener
  3. Fakie Texas Plant
  4. Texas to noseblunt 
  5. Jeff Grosso’s Texas Plant

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