Skaters Who Shaped Us – Pro Marky

Photo by Dane Barker

There’s something about sweepers, quickfire skating and smacking your tail real loud that is instinctively part of the DNA of Coventry Skateboarding. There are a fair few skaters I know who all skate like this, and Marcus Gallard is no exception. I’ve said this before when he did a Top 5 earlier on this year, but Pro Marky is raw, unpredictable and super fun to watch skate. This style didn’t come from nowhere, though – he was influenced early on by a US pro skater, and he has prepared a short paragraph about them…

Omar Salazar was a big influence on me when I was younger and had just started skating. I first saw him in Transworld’s ‘First Love‘, then later on in his Alien Workshop ‘Mindfield’ part. His raw power and quick speed was an instant hit for me, making me wanna jump on a board and hit the biggest hill I can find, while whacking out a couple of tail scrapes.

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