Chris Mander’s Quickfire 10

Chris Mander is my brother from another mother, and I’ve known him for almost half of my life. Compassion is no match for this list of increasingly stupid Quickfire questions though. Let’s dance!

  1. Disasters: Frontside or Backside? Backside, baby. Sorry. You can remove the “baby” part. (editor note: I didn’t)
  2. Transition or Street? I don’t agree with the dichotomy.
  3. Trucks: Tight or Loose? Tight-ish, though that doesn’t help with skating bowls.
  4. Nollie or Fakie? Both! I like doing Fakie Flips and like doing Nollie BS Bigspins. It depends on the trick.
  5. Scooters or Rollerblades? Uhm… I don’t have an opinion to be honest. Well I do, but not one that favours one over the other.
  6. Blunt or Noseblunt? Both are beautiful tricks.
  7. Bowls or Mini Ramps? Mini ramps, although I may favour bowls if I invest more time in figuring out how to skate them properly.
  8. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater or EA Skate? EA Skate
  9. Sonic or Mario? Loaded question. I don’t know. Mario has been more consistently good, so I’ll say Mario.
  10. Java Juice or Javascript? Neither. I like statically compiled languages *wink*

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