The Triple 20.11.20

This is The Triple for this week: it’s like Aladdin with 3 wishes, and I’m the genie. The difference is that instead of 3 wishes, you get 3 rad skateboarding clips, and instead of a bad CGI Will Smith, you’ve got a 35-year-old idiot who does Sweepers. Enjoy!

3. Vincent Alvarez’s Switch FS 5-0

Vincent Alvarez is one of the heavy hitters from the Chocolate team who is kind of synonymous with the brand – and Crailtap in general. Whenever I watch an edit featuring any of the Crailtap teams (Girl, Lakai, Chocolate, Royal Trucks), I expect to see Alvarez shredding. This clip was sick not only because it was a transition trick on a bank to wall on the street, but because it was switch. Frontside 5-0 on a wall like this is gnarly enough, especially landing into a wallride, but doing it switch is so rad. For an added bonus, Alvarez’s Switch pushing up to this thing is just unreal: he tanks it at full force faster than I can push in my normal stance!

2. Aimee Massie’s BS Flip Disaster to Rock & Roll

I gotta be honest: this is a fresh one I’ve never seen done before. I’ve seen plenty of BS Flip Disasters in my time, done all kinds of ways, but the thing that made this clip stick out to me was the quick-footed coping dance straight after the land to disaster. Massie pops the flip, hits the disaster, and instantly body varials into Rock & Roll. One thing I love seeing in transition/mini ramp tricks is when someone rolls up into a multi-trick combo – Fakie Rock to Smiths, Pivot Rock & Roll’s, etc. – and this trick falls right into that category. Awesome stuff!

1. Val Bauer’s Fakie Bigspin Flip Hippy Jump

Many a moon ago, I used to be able to Fakie Bigspin Flip. This was back in the halcyon days of me actually doing flip tricks and not being lazy. Anyway, I was never particularly good or consistent with them, and definitely couldn’t even dream of popping them high enough to hippy jump a rail this high at the same time. Val Bauer’s execution of this trick is big, popped and the board flips so perfectly. The land is a bit sketchy, but for me that’s part of the charm – an incredibly difficult, precise trick, that was so clearly grafted for.

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