The Triple 13.11.20

It’s Friday The 13th. 13 has a 3 in it. This is undeniable proof that the Illuminati are real. Here’s The Triple for this week. 

3. Craig “Questions” Scott’s Nosestall Body Varial

Man, I could watch Questions skate for days. He is a hyper powered creativity machine and I bloody love him. His trick selection is utterly unique, but I think that’s what makes him a perfect fit for Heroin Skateboards: a company full of skaters with incredibly rad, unique styles. This little Stockwell quarter manoeuvre in this clip is a beauty: Nosestall Body Varials often look stinking, but most people don’t do them with the speed, finesse and quick footedness Questions exhibits here. It’s all done in one motion – Nosestall, instantly jump, turn your body, aim for the board and pray, land in transition. Amazing.

2. James Bush’s Switch FS Bigspin Tailslide 270 out

It’s not weird to see amazing technical skateboarding happening at The Buszy in Milton Keynes. I would feel confident in saying it’s a daily occurrence. This trick though, is special even by MK standards. Front Biggy Tailslide is rad enough. Front Biggy Tailslide 270 Out is amazing. But then doing it all Switch… Utterly mind blowing. James Bush is one of those ambidextrous skaters who can skate both stances equally well. I had to re-watch over and over again, and go watch a bunch of other James Bush clips, just to make sure this trick actually was switch. Major props.

1. Haley Isaak’s SWITCH BS No Comply “Inverted Bigspin” 

I have literally spent all week watching this clip and I still can’t figure out what I’m seeing, or how to describe this trick. The best I can do is an “Inverted Bigspin”, as it’s Haley Isaak herself that spins 360, whilst her board spins 180. I’m a sucker for a good no comply move, and I also enjoy seeing slightly different variations of these tricks. What makes this one even better that this trick is just done in such a quick, smooth way… And it’s SWITCH. I had no idea who Haley Isaak was before seeing this, but after checking her Insta and seeing more quirky, technical tricks like this, I’m a fan.

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