The Triple 06.11.20

The Triple is back again with another selection of 3 of my favourite clips from this week.

3. Myles Rushforth’s Noseslide FS Revert

I’m obviously a huge fan of the Baghead Crew – ran by friend of the blog Forde Brookfield. One of the raddest dudes to come out of the latest roster of skaters Forde has aligned himself with is Myles Rushforth, who had the last part in the Baghead video “Funeral” that came out earlier this year. There’s been a steady stream of sick clips from Myles this year, but this Noseslide Revert, dropped in as the last video in a post of multiple clips from an indoor DIY spot, was a particular favourite. Myles ollies from flat, up to noseslide on a bank to curb, and the following revert is the cherry on the cake. Very smooth, very nice – and makes me want to go watch his Funeral part again.

2. Spanky’s Fullcab Powerslide to Slappy Tailslide

Spanky is one of the greatest street skaters of my generation, and he’s still out there skating better than people half his age. This latest clip to announce his pro grip design with Shake Junt is a fun little edit with some sick ledge tricks, but wedged at the end of the clip is this amazing full cab powerslide slappy tailslide. I do enjoy a good slappy, but this thing is next level. It’s the kind of trick which made me wish more heavy hitter street skaters like Spanky would hit up curbs more often in their parts: if this is the kind of inventive madness we see from these kinds of skaters, then give me more!

1. Ben Koppl’s Drop-In Bigspin Flip

Pardon my French, but what the actual fuck was this trick? The obstacle and the trick are both completely confusing. Ben Koppl has long been a favourite of mine, and this trick proves why. He has some utterly bizarre tricks and watching him has most definitely made me re-think what tricks I learn. This bigspin flip, done immediately after a drop-in, is some quick-footed, utterly insane, next level skateboarding. After seeing this last weekend, I automatically knew this would be at number 1 for The Triple this week – How could it not?

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