Stan Byrne’s Quickfire 10

Photo by James Collins

As part of a new feature here on The Terrible Company, I’ll be running some hyperspeed condensed interviews on here. This is the Quickfire 10. The first person to go toe to toe with my skateboarding-related interrogating is Stan Byrne.

I could write pages and pages about how much I love Stan Byrne’s skateboarding, but time is of the essence and these 10 questions aren’t going to ask themselves. LOOK ALIVE, BYRNE.

Transition or Street? Yes. 

Wallies or No Complies? Oh yeah. 

Pivot Fakies: Frontside or Backside? Yeah man stoked on those! 

M32 or Deaner? Deaner, are you mad? 

Are tricks better when you land in fakie? Depends what you’re trying. 

Hurricanes or Sugarcane? I don’t know which one’s which. 

Vert Ramps or Ditches? Vert Ditches? 

Scooters or Rollerblades? Shinpads. 

Bonelesses or Fastplants? Powerful manoeuvres mind. 

All 80’s music will be outlawed, only one song will remain from the era. Which song do you choose? Strawberry Switchblade – 10 James Orr Street 

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