Harry Myers’ Top 5 Mini Ramp Clips

I’ve known Harry Myers for over a decade, and in that time there’s been one thing you can consistently rely on him for: ridiculous ramp tricks. He skates ramps like he’s got his special meter full, and many of the tricks he does consists of 2, and sometimes 3, separate tricks melted together into one. There is no better person to act as your guide to the wildest mini ramp/lip trick clips on the Internet, so here’s Harry Myers’ Top 5 clips to get you hyped for shredding your local mini ramp. – Ade

Header photo by Ryan Bradley

5. Bam Margera skating a Rooftop Mini Ramp – Tony Hawk’s Underground

This is the part that made me want to learn to skate mini ramp all those years ago. When I started skateboarding, I used to go to Zero G Skatepark in Coventry. I went every weekend, and there was another local, Cov legend Ian Sheer AKA Spud. Spud introduced me to Bam Margera: “Bam Fan” was a term coined back in those days, and I’m not ashamed to say I fell into that category, with heartagram T-shirts, nail varnish, and of course, huge Adio shoes. He had a rooftop mini ramp part, and it was the first mini ramp video part I ever saw.

4. Almost’s “Cheese and Crackers”

Many of you are probably familiar with this video, and in a top five about mini ramp skating, it would be rude not to mention it. There is not one trick in this video that isn’t crazy, and I’ve tried to emulate so many of these in my own skateboarding (usually unsuccessfully). If you have been living under a rock, and you haven’t already seen this video, then my advice to you is to watch it right now! Hop to it! 

3. Mark Appleyard at Transworld Skatepark 

At number 3 is Mark Appleyard with a clip where he lands a beautiful Nollie Bigspin Heel to Back Tail. This is a trick I wish I could pull off, and maybe one day I’ll figure it out. There’s not much I can say about this one: just watch this clip and wait for the beautiful example at the end. How about them apples?

2. My part from The Terrible Company’s “Cthulhu" 

Coming in at number 2 is my part from 2010’s Cthulhu, where I do a Fakie Frontside Bigspin to Front Rock. Yes, I know it’s one of my own parts, and I don’t really know where the trick came from. I’m sure somebody out there does this trick way better than I do. The thing I like/loath about it is how scary it is: you’re riding fakie towards the coping, and popping a bigspin blindside, and just praying to land in front rock. (Harry’s Part starts at 15:00 – Ade)

1. Dan Drehobl – VOX 60 Seconds

At number one is a clip featuring Dan Drehobl killing it. What makes this my favourite is him doing my all time favourite trick, period – the mayday grind. For me, that trick just oozes style, and I think it shows people’s different styles so well, as nobody really does it the same. Drehobl’s 60 seconds part has the best example of this trick in my opinion!

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